martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010


After a long, long hiatus I decided to resume my blog. I'm not sure if I'll update on a regular basis, but I'll try to keep in touch. After all, it took me my time to change the look of the layout.

There's nothing much going on in work right now. The new project I'm in is boring as hell. I really want the deadline of December 20th to come. Also, the temporary position as CP is not my style at all. Hope the new project is more creative or at least more interesting.

My own projects are developing smoothly. I'm working on HazelBlue again, inking our pages for the third "The Gathering" issue and trying to illustrate my 2011 Calendar (I'm loving what I've sketched so far). There are also a couple of things pending that I would like to finish before the year ends, but I'm not sure if I could.

Personal life is not bad. I had an issue with health last month and I'm still trying to grasp everything related. Thanks god I've got such an amazing husband. He's been a great support so far.

I guess it's all, at least for now. See you around!

By the way, if you're wondering about the images I'm using, they're from a shoujo manga called Barajou no Kiss.

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