If life gives you lemons...

lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

I am pretty tired today. Yesterday's fest was not as memorable and I liked the hotel better, but it was an OK location, considering it was inside a shopping center. By the way, I must remember not to be a cosplay judge anymore. It's exhausting! And I couldn't leave until the contest was over, even though I had a strong headache.

Healthwise, I haven't been feeling good lately. I guess I'm still getting over all those months of medical treatments. However, I need to wait a little more before calling my doctor and ask.

On other subjects, I got this surprising meeting at work. I still don't know if it will last or what, but it's very interesting and motivating. More less, considering these past few weeks have been very boring, with almost nothing to do the whole day.

But the most strange thing was a request from someone I didn't expect ever again. It took me a lot of consideration to finally decide to accept, though I haven't officially answered yet. That, and a dream that had me thinking ever since... and got me a little on the down side.

I hope things get better, because Christmas is coming and I love the date! I expect to have some wonderful days with my family and specially, with my loving husband. I can't believe we've been together for almost six years (and almost two of marriage)!

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