A happy little dance

viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

I am very excited and a little scared about the whole pregnancy. It was a very huge surprise, but a pleasant surprise none the less.
I think I've been feeling all the symptoms possible except for one or two. It's a little difficult sometimes, but thinking about the baby gives me both the strength and will to go on positively.
Speaking about the baby, it's the most beautiful thing I've seen. Yes, I know it's so small you can barely distinguish anything... yet I have no words to describe what it feels to watch a new life growing inside me. I actually cried when I see him/her moving his/her arms and legs.
My family is very excited and happy as well. My husband never stops telling me how much he loves us both. It's amazing even though sometimes the sickness is unbearable and I just want to sleep as much as I can.
I'm so looking forward to my first child and I hope to make him/her as happy as possible, even now. I also pray every night for God to take care of this tiny wonderful miracle.
So what's the bet? Boy or girl?

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Sakura Ai dijo...

I think it's gonna be a girl, or should I say hope? xDDDDD

However I'll love it no matter what it is. Boy or girl. x3 I want to be a great aunt for the baby and hold it, and care for it and buy things for him/her. xD Sounds like I'm going to spoil your child, Neechan.

Congratulations and lots of love!

PS: Sorry for commenting until now.
PS2: I lost your cellphone number. T.T