Dancing with the Blooming Rose

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

I had a very interesting meeting with friends last Tuesday. I've been thinking a lot since then and in general, I got a very nice feeling of the project. However, if by any means Mary's husband gets involved, I am out. I wouldn't stand listening him at all.

At all.

Anyway, I also got a nice proposal from my mother-in-law about an art exhibition. I don't think I have enough new/nice work, but she also mentioned something about getting more people involved. It'd be nice to do something thematic but I am not sure yet. My first thought was about the four seasons in a Mucha fashion... and then I remembered I wanted to do that with my Whole-Hearted heroines (Aster as Spring, Lily as Summer, Campanula as Autumn and Marigold as Winter) so better not :P

But, before anything, I need to finish inking "Young Romance" and the webcomic for Glenn. And a couple of things more.

Sorry if this is short. Gotta do a lot of things this week.

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