A Myth of Creation

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Lately and although illustration is still my favorite branch of the Graphic Arts, I've been rediscovering my love for design.

The logos for my mother-in-law were the starting point. However, what I really enjoyed were both the cat-themed Wedding Invitation I coworked for Marylin, and the Baby Shower invitation/centerpiece/cake design for my little Isabella.

My mom suggested I should think seriously of starting a design business of my own, focused on Special Events, but I don't think is feasible at the moment. The market is saturated, I can't take the risk of not having a stable monthly salary. Not with a baby on the way... Although I admit I would love to work from home and spend more time with my future child.

Anyway, my aunt absolutely fell in love with what we did for Isabella and told mom to ask me to help with the invitations for my cousin's Wedding. I haven't talked to them directly yet, but I am excited, none the less.

Comic-wise, I am still working of my Romance pages for "The Gathering". I have 3 of 4 sketched so I hope to finish them this month. I dunno if we're going to be selected for the All-ages volume yet, but that's a next year project. If not and depending on my workload, I might enroll as an artist only. On a similar subject, an Irish friend of my husband liked my art and asked me to help him with a couple of pages for his after-the-Gathering webcomic.

I think I won't be doing anything for Hazel Blue or any other of my original manga this year. Again, time-issues. I really, really want to do a children story book based on "The Princess of Broken Wings" for my girl and also the compilation of 'dark tales' Ignacio and I were planning since our honeymoon. But first things first and I need to meet my deadlines.

I am very optimistic I will be able to finish most of the things I wanted before the baby is born, future looks very brilliant for me and that makes me happy.

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Konopikyu dijo...

En realidad dedicarse al diseño grafico no es tan glamoroso como suena. El publico meta no esta educado para pagar por arte o por un buen diseño. Si no te has dado cuenta de la realidad es porque aun no has trabajado aca, dentro del bloque laboral costarricense. La familia y los amigos, precisamente por conocerte es que valora tu trabajo, porque sabe lo que te ha costado, lo que te esfuerzas y tambien conoce tu habilidad. Pero fuera de ellos la gente no te conoce y es bastante duro abrirte camino por tu cuenta.

Si igual quieres hacerlo yo te recomendaria, primero, ya que vas a ser madre y estas casada, no hacerlo sola, no vas a tener tiempo, a menos que tengas pocos clientes pero eso no te daria el suficiente dinero. Segundo necesitas un poco de pico de oro o saber venderte con tu palabra en ocasiones aun mas que con tu propio trabajo. Como te digo aca la gente no tiene la educacion suficiente para ver el diseño como lo que es, pero siempre puedes venderte si hablas convincentemente. Tercero, establece una buena politica de cobro y pago. Aca a la gente le gusta que le des tiempo hasta el fin del mundo si cabe, pero eso si los trabajos los quiere para antiayer. Cuarto, es estresante asi que tienes que aprender a relajarte y aprender a dar prioridades. Quinto calcula bien el tiempo, no aceptes plazos que no puedas cumplir ni dejes que te demanden cosas que humanamente no son posibles.

La verdad podemos hablar sobre esto en email o en skype, porque fijate que yo tenia la misma idea hace algun tiempo pero que va, es algo que lleva mas trabajo e inversion del que parece.