With a Chocolate Heart

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Next Friday I'll be halfway through my pregnancy. It's been quite a ride and I still got another 20 weeks more to go, but I feel happy, none the less. The baby is very active on mornings and I can clearly feel his/her kicks, every day stronger. And the baby's daddy is proud and excited as well, though he hasn't felt a lot of movement yet.

On April 12th I am hoping to find out the baby's gender. Most people think is a boy. I also expect everything to be O.K... until now, it has been. I've been taking my vitamins and trying not to gain much weight... though I am not sure I am succeeding. I can't wait to buy some stuff though I already got some gifts from our family.

And speaking about gifts, I need to buy something for Ignacio. Have a little clue of what I want, but I guess I'll end buying something here instead of ordering through the net. I am not sure if we're going to have friends gathering for the date or just have a little family thing.

Work hasn't been anything special. I feel a little relieved my husband has a new job too, he was very stressed lately. I know I will be missing him a lot with this new schedule, but I also understand it's for the best and I like when he speaks about how much he'll do his best to take care of both me and our baby... I love his mature and responsible side.

I've been also trying to mend everything in my life. I don't want to be mad at anyone, to hold grudges, pain or sadness. I wish only for happy sweet feelings, because I want those feelings to reach my baby too.


Baby likes songs from Tangled... that's from his/her mommy's side.

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