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jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Mornings are kind of slow here at work, so I'll take the chance to write seven random facts about myself that I think most people don't know.

1. I dislike my name. I don't hate it nor would I change it... but I am not that fond of it.

2. My favorite color is red. When I was little, I was a fan of La Liga just because of the red in their uniform. Now I've grown up and understood that soccer sucks.

3. As a small child, my brother and I played "Super Friends". I was Superman... he was the coolest.

4. My dream job used to be to work as a Disney 2d animator or as a voice actress. As silly as it sounds, I still hope to do some kind of professional voice acting work.

5. I have a collection of about 60-70 My little Ponies.

6. My favorite Disney Movie is Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed dressing as Belle at that time... however, I remember I didn't have a blue dress like her so I used a very similar-styled pink one. Never got the hair right, though.

7. My first cosplay was Sailor Moon. I did it for my sister's b-day. Just the dress, no wig no boots. My first cosplay for a "Con" was Aya Mikage from Ayashi no Ceres, even before the first Matsuri and when Anime Events were at the Outlet Mall. I think no one noticed :P

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Konopikyu dijo...

Voy a escribir en español pues ni modo, en ingles me siento tonta y limitada.

Lo del color rojo ya lo sabia, lo de la liga no.

Yo tampoco se si pueda hacer mi sueño de vida pero igual, si es sueño de vida minimo debes intentarlo lo que tengas de ella no?

Yo solo tube 3 ponys, mis papas no me podian comprar mas y con tanta mudanza todos se perdieron, pobres...

Una siempre recuerda el primer cosplay, generalmente el mas sencillo tambien, a que si.

Lo de tu nombre no lo sabia, a mi no me gusta el mio tampoco, yo queria llamarme Rebeca.